Floorboards & Nails

An original quilt pattern with simple cutting and piecing methods. Very little fabric waste. 65” x 83”

The quilt shown on the cover of this pattern uses a gradient fabric (E.E. Schenck and Diawabo: Antique Serenity: Olive Gradient) to create a woven effect.

The large ‘boards’ are cut into rectangles that leave you with very little waste. And, with the quick cutting method, you are ready to start piecing blocks quickly!

This is a great contemporary quilt for anyone: Guy or gal … Old or young.

I have seen this quilt made using fun, modern, abstract quilt cloth in turquoises and oranges that was quilt stunning, too.

Finished quilt size: 65” x 83” (as shown) or 81” x 93 12” (larger option)